Clinical Trial of Night Cream

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Clinical Trial of Night Cream

From 100-Hundread-Baht Mahada’s Butcher to 100-Million-Baht Mahada’s Cosmetic Product

Development of Herbal Cosmetic Product Containing Mahada’s Extract

Clinical Trial of Night Cream
Clinical trial of “Night Cream”, had been conducted in 22 volunteers (ages between 40 and 61 years, and average ages of 54 years), and operated by Dermscan Company’s team.

• Product’s Safety had been performed by patch test, as monitored on irritating effects on volunteers’ skin applied. 
• Product’s Efficiency was studied within a 56-day course. To each volunteer, the product had introduced to apply one-time a day (before bed-time). Volunteer’s skin health had been monitored following before and after application.

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